Monday, October 09, 2017

Electrolux - a Washing Machine used by a Famous Fashion Designer

Did this happen to your clothes?

damaged shirt due to poor washing machine

damaged clothe due to washing machine

The prints faded away? Note, this is my favorite pambahay shirt.

faded print due to washing machine

Don't blame your clothes. It's your washing machine!

Don't think all washing machined does this to our clothes. Stop the stereotyping. There's a washing machine that can take care of our clothes like with a care of our hands. Intrigued? Let's hear what a top fashion designer in Manila says about what washing machine he uses to take care of his clothes (watch the video below):

About Rajo Laurel - he's one of the best fashion designers in Manila, Philippines. Notably, his designs are worn by international clients like Tyra Banks, Natalia Zakharova, Dayanara Torres and even local artist like Maja Salvador and Kylie Verzosa.

Basically, here's what Electrolux washing machine technology can do than the other brands:
  • UltraMix™ technology - water is pre-combined with detergent even in cold water which will gently clean your clothes.
  • SteamCare - is an Electrolux Vapour Refresh feature which makes your clothes wrinkle-free and clothes will only need less ironing.
  • Load Sensor™ Automation - Electrolux washing machine has a technology that automatically senses the load weight, determines the washing time, water and softener with efficient power use.
  • EcoInverter - you might be already familiar with inverter technology used by most appliances. Inverter reduces energy consumption by 75%.
  • Vapour Care - reduces allergens by up to 99.9% even at cold water.
  • Woolmark Apparel Care certified - a mark that Electrolux washing machine can do take care of your laundry. (read more about the Woolmark Apparel Care program here)
Read more about Electrolux Fashion Care at this link

Use this hashtag if you like the Electrolux brand #ElectroluxFashionCare #Electrolux

Electrolux Washing Machine's UltraMix™ Technology

With UltraMix™ technology, you'll get smooth and cleaner laundry even at 30°C. This washing machine technology pre-mixes H2O and detergent or softener before they reach the laundry (watch the video below):

It'll help your clothes reach a longer lifespan. Your clothes quality won't fade and you will feel like it's brand new again after washing with Electrolux washing machine.

About Electrolux

Electrolux or AB Electrolux is a Swedish multi-national home appliance manufacturer headquartered in Stockholm. The company has a primary listing on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (SSE).

A Little Trivia. Did you know?

Some old Filipino folks used to say "pridyider" when they talk about a refrigerator. In older years, there's a refrigerator brand name Frigidaire. Did you know? Frigidaire is an Electrolux brand.

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  1. Same problem i am experiencing with our washing machine. Good to know that Electrolux washing machine came out with better care for fabric and color

  2. That's the usual problem with washing machines, thatbis it is very important to get a reliable one.