Saturday, August 19, 2017

Store Review: TCAT Philippines

I recently discovered this online store with Google search as I'm searching for a particular gadget accessory. I can't believe this store is operating for 7 years already (check the About us page). Why I discovered just now!?

tcat philippines logo

I tried buying some items from them. The prices of the items are very cheap. It's almost a "Divisoria" prices.

Upon buying items from them, I'm worried at first because they don't have a Tracking system like in Lazada and But they're responsive to e-mail and given me the tracking no. and the courier's page where to track it.

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So here's my item haul. Items bought from TCAT:

affordable items from tcat philippines

This one costs 199.00 php. (former 500 php.). It's lightweight and easy to carry compare to my old running belt.

sports bag bought from tcat
Handy Waist Organizer Pouch
 Here's the direct link to the above product:

Next is Mobile Phone Lazy Bracket. I discovered a similar item in Glorietta stalls, It cost 300 php. each in Glorietta electronic stalls. Lucky, I score this for only 129.00 php. at TCAT Philippines.

lazy bracket for smartphones
Mobile Phone Lazy Bracket
Here's the direct link to Mobile Phone Lazy Bracket listing:

Last is this Jump Rope with Counter Feature. It's made of plastic material. It looks cheap. Not bad for 79.00 php.

cheap jumping rope from tcat philippines
Jump Rope with Counter Feature
You'll find this product at this link:

I'm pretty satisfied with my order. I'm giving this online store a rating of: 3.0 / 5.0

Their site needs improvement in regards to tracking. They need tracking feature like in Lazada and They might also need a super sale promotion to market their business. I find their Facebook page with not much of engagement from their Likers. So far, that's all I can say.

TCAT offers Cash on Delivery and shipping charges ranging from 55 - 100 pesos. Check their How-to page to learn more about how to use their site here -


Update about their easily broken Handy Waist Organizer Pouch as of August 29, 2017:

After a few days of using their Handy Waist Organizer Pouch or also known as Sports Waist Bag, the nylon fabric has been broken. This is the CON of buying a cheap product. I just realized this upon returning home from my jogging routine - my phone almost slipped (see picture below):

I think this bag can't even handle your keys or coins because my Redmi 2 smartphone doesn't weigh that much yet the bag breaks. This product can be found here -

Note, due to this experience, I downgraded their store to 3.0 / 5.0


  1. You did have a good haul and have a lot of useful items. It's also nice that the prizes are like the ones in Divisoria.

  2. I used to buy a lot of stuff online but I have never encountered TCAT PH. I was going to ask about the product quality but I saw your feedback at the end. Hope you get a better belt bag soon! :)