Monday, May 15, 2017

Promo: Buy 2 Pringles & Get Your Karaoke Kit! | Pringles Party Speaker 2017 (Karaoke Kit)

We went for groceries today and finally found the 150 grams Pringles Karaoke Kit promo in the shelves of SM Supermarket - Makati. I was somehow bewildered as they're not in dual-pack like before. You can buy them each.

pringles karaoke kit pack
Pringles Karaoke Kit Promo

But upon reading the Instruction at the back, according to it, you need to buy two labeled Karaoke Kit Pringles to qualify for this promo. The code is inside each pack.

pringles karaoke kit instruction at the back
Pringles Karaoke Kit Instruction at the back

Register first at

Note: it's not the same account you've registered before with the previously Pringles Party Speaker promo. You need to register a new account for Pringles Karaoke Kit.

(continue scrolling down or click 'Read more')

pringles karaoke kit code
Register at their site and input the codes found inside the opening of Pringles Karaoke Kit pack

Their new Courier is now LBC Business Solutions. As far as I can remember, their Courier before somewhat messed up with the delivery as most of the consumers who redeemed their Party Speaker hasn't arrived in their homes yet (read comments of their irate consumers here).

25 pesos delivery fee for pringles karaoket kit
An additional payment of 25 php. is needed for the delivery of your Pringles Karaoke Kit

They offer several Payment methods for the 25 php. delivery fee. You can choose DragonPay, PayPal, etc.

pringles karaoke kit confirmation

I paid with PayPal. Now, I'm done with my redemption. I'll just have to wait for it and eventually add it to my current Pringles speaker collection (see below):

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About Pringles Karaoke Kit

A Pringles Karaoke Kit lets you use your Pringles can both as a microphone and speaker. The Karaoke Kit fits a Pringles 150g can, which functions as a sound box for extra acoustic effect. It has been designed and manufactured for Pringles. It cannot be purchased in any store and is only available through this promotion.

Plug the jack of the Pringles microphone to the speaker, and plug the speaker to any device with a 3.5mm mini jack (common in most mobile phones and MP3 players) to play the Karaoke Kit.

How to Enter:

Purchase two Pringles 150gram cans (Original, Cheese, Sour Cream and Barbecue) from April 1 until June 30, or until supplies of karaoke kits last. Log on to and click promotions, you will be redirected to Complete the online entry form by submitting the two unique codes found on the membrane and providing your shipping information. , and pay ₱ 25.00 * via Dragonpay for the delivery of the karaoke kit. Dragonpay ( allows payment through credit card via Paypal, online banking, over-the-counter, and non-bank merchants.

Note that additional cash handling fees may apply for certain payment methods.


If you wish to talk to Pringles' Customer Care representative, you may reach them @
Tel. # 816-4466 (Metro Manila) or 1-800-1888-7770 (Provinces)

Or email them at:

Operating hours: Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5PM

Like Pringles on Facebook:

Update as of May 18, 2017: I already received my #PringlesKaraokeKit after 3 days of waiting. The delivery is fast compared to their old courier. Monde Nissin Corp. made a good choice making LBC handle the delivery. Their previous courier made a messed based on the number of complaints in the Pringles' Facebook page.

pringles karaoke kit packaging
Pringles Karaoke Kit Packaging

Pringles Karaoke Kit contains the Speaker and Mic.

pringles karaoke kit out of the packaging
Pringles Karaoke Kit out of the packaging

 Here's what it looks like when you put the Mic and Speaker into the empty Pringles' can.

pringles karaoke kit working
Working Pringles Karaoke Kit

It's working fine but it's not that loud when you speak to the Mic. Perhaps when you connect another speaker to it. Note, the Speaker has another port where you can connect other Speaker to it.

Enjoy my post.




  1. ohhh so cool. We limit eating chips at the house, but I think I'll buy some Pringles for this promo next time I visit the supermarket.

  2. oh wow this is so cool... i love pringles but I am not aware they have such promo! I'll definitely check this out!

  3. Oh this is such an amazing stuff! I love Pringles! And this is a good idea since a lot of us love singing that much while munching on Pringles! ;)


  4. I missed eating Pringles so as singing karaoke. This is one cool promo not to missed.

  5. I didn't know Pringles has a karaoke kit.. It looks really cool!

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