Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Product Review: Anello 3 Way Large Boston Sling Backpack Hand Bag (Black) at Lazada | A Knock-off Anello Bag

Lazada Philippines

Product name: Anello 3 Way Large Boston Sling Backpack Hand Bag
Product description: Black knock-off Anello Boston 3-way Sling bag
Brand: Fake Anello
Lazada Seller: LTI merchandise
Product URL:
Price: 1099 php.
(as of May 23, 2017)
Review Summary: Although found to be a knock-off Anello bag, the quality is well-made. A good copycat of Anello Boston bag. Not proud of it but still useful bag. I wish the durability of this bag will last long.

We received this item last May 10, 2017. This is not actually for me but it's for my Mom. I'm reviewing this for the sake of all buyers so they can be aware of what they're buying.

lazada fast delivery and good packaging
Lazada delivers fast with proper packaging
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We're excited to see this bag. Both I and my mom were contemplating whether it's Fake or Not. We've actually researched about spotting Fake Anello bags. Here's a very informative post from airfrov Blog about checking if it's authentic particularly this Anello Boston bag model, see link here.

fake anello bag

There are only two tags attached to this item. The original Anello bag has 3 tags.

anello bag knock off

The color of zipper slider and its elements differs. As per airfrov's post, the color should match. The original has a golden color.

fake anello zipper

The logo's typeface in this bag is Bold. That means this is really a fake one. The original has a clear typeface and is well printed. Not like this one.

fake anello logo

Original Anello bag has Round Head Rivet. This fake has a Flat Head Rivet.

fake anello bag rivet
This Fake Anello bag has a flat rivet

The sling or shoulder strap is of different material and is not leathery like in original Anello bag.

low quality fake anello bag

I checked the model no. online, AT-B0193 refers me to their Rucksack model, see: https://www.anello.asia/collections/frontpage/products/anello-square-large-rucksack

fake anello bag tags
Supposedly, original Anello bags has three tags attached, this has only two

But it looks well made for a copycat model.

cheap anello bag fake

If we really knew It's fake, we should have opted to a more less-priced seller in Lazada.

affordable anello bags fake

We feel frustrated that we took Lazada's bait.

I initially thought the indicator of buying stuff in Lazada, If the brand is titled "Generic" that means it's a knock-off but this time, It's under Anello brand (see screenshot below):

fake anello bags at lazada ph

I really thought It's original Anello bag because whenever I buy a Nescafe product from them, the Brand indicates it's Nestle. The hell, It's already scary buying at Lazada. It's hard to tell if you're consuming or buying an original product.

We should have checked the other details of this product, stated below:

all anello bags at lazada ph are fake

The Brand type states it's a Private Label. So, I think It's a new indicator of a Fake Product at Lazada.

Also, don't trust the review. The reviewer might be fooled it's original or might be a patron of bootleg products. That's why the big score here:

fake review at lazada ph

I also submitted a review noting that it's not an original Anello bag but my review hasn't appeared yet. I submitted again. I doubt will approve it.

My product rating: 3.0 / 5.0

Want to buy this fake Anello bag? Check it out below:

Or try searching for a less-priced imitated Anello bags below at Lazada:

If you want to buy the Original Anello bags, visit their official site @ https://www.anello.asia/

Just don't risk finding original Anello bags at Lazada.

Hope my blog post help you.





  1. some of the items posted on Lazada and other similar portals are quite deceiving and I was once a victim too. I bought an action cam yet ended up in such a depressing product... Like you, i was tempted by their bait showing a huge drop of price.. an originally worth 4000 action cam went down to 1500.. I grabbed the opportunity and i thought I just hit a jackpot but when the item arrived, that's where the nightmare started! The product is not exactly how it is described in the website... it started to malfunction after a month so I just ended up wasting my money.. but that was a lesson for me to learn

    1. That was very unfortunate experience. I also noticed, most of their discounted products are not really at discounted price but it is their retail price as compared to Divisoria prices.

    2. So true.. although I know these online shopping are truly legit and I had some great deals from Lazada... it is convenient indeed but I do prefer shopping in real stores so I can check the items thoroughly haha

  2. That's the problem with buying at Lazada. You are just not sure on the authenticity. It's really much safer to go to authorize sites.

  3. I find that majority of their tech gadgets and accessory photos are photoshoped. I have availed of their 30-day warranty a couple of times to return item items that I find substandard.

  4. I don't buy items from Lazada anymore because I've been a victim of one of the fake products they are selling.

  5. I haven't bought anything from Lazada. Their site is an eyesore.

  6. Very ideal for travel Lazada is ny fave onlone shopping store.