Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Don't Drink Raw Milk, Commercialism and Importance of Pasteurization

Recently, I read a news about listeria deaths in the US (see the BBC News here). What's a listeria or listeriosis? It's a food poisoning caused by consuming foods contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria (for full technical explanation read WebMD article here).

What made me write this post? It's just that, as far as I can remember, I watched a morning TV show where they featured a Cow Farm. You know, they do this to amuse the viewers, typically to gain viewers' rating and also, to advertise the cow farm's business. So a farmer there teaches the TV host how to milk a cow. As the host successfully milked the Cow, he tasted it and drink the fresh product he just milked. So, I thought that was just fine and okay. I'm not recapping the old school days of teachings in Home Economics about pasteurization. In the High School I attended, they never emphasized the danger of drinking an unpasteurized milk or any unpasteurized dairy products. We are just taught that It kills the bacteria. Coalesced with the monotonous TV commercial of Yakult promoting good bacterias that resulted to my stupid comprehension about unpasteurized milk.

Perhaps, my mind is debating about drinking animal's milk. I can't remember but I'm sure someone told me a story about living their life in the province. They used to drink milk from the carabao and eats rice and salt just to survive. Carabao is a water buffalo native in the Philippines. Also, in the BBC article mentioned that some buy an unpasteurized milk because they want it natural. Okay, I'm normal. I'm not the only person in the world who originally think unpasteurized milk is okay but actually It's really unhealthy.

Don't Let Commercialism Buy You

I'm not saying commercialism is bad but just don't get carried away by it. Remember this TV commercial by Department of Health? This is no commercialism but this infomercial is ironically meaningful:

Infomercial subtitle:
Ang gatas ng aso ay para sa tuta
Ang gatas ng baboy ay para sa biik
E ang gatas ng baka, para sa anak mo?
Hindi hayop ang anak mo...

The milk of a Dog is for her pups.
The milk of a Swine is for her piglets.
How about the milk of a Cow? Is it for your child (human)?
Your child is no animal.

During the time I saw that TV ad, my thought was - many mothers rarely breastfeeds their baby. They rely on canned powdered milk. Dairy companies legally sell it. So, what's the hold-up? I am too ignorant because we or I was so fed with commercialism. Like cigarretes and tobacco ad, the ad itself announced they're bad for your health but most people still use it. And milk for babies ad, the ad itself encourage you to breastfeed your baby but many mothers rely on powdered milk solution for their baby. Are people dumb? #TriggerWarning for smokers reading this post. Sorry.

I eventually realize that we don't have the same immune system as those animals. Their milk is edible but you don't drink it raw.

Importance of Pasteurization

Pasteurization is a method invented by Louis Pasteur, a French biologist and a chemist born from December 27, 1822 to September 28, 1895. Pasteurization is a process where you set a heating temperature below boiling point. Does not necessarily kill all of the microorganism but kills undesired pathogen that causes illnesses and diseases to humans.

Bottomline of this post, don't drink raw milk. Pasteurize them first. I'll leave this video below for the ending of this post:

YouTube Video Uploaded by In Bulgaria


Roy Cortez


  1. I think this is a good reminder on the importance of Pasteurization. It can help us get better milk.

  2. I heard there are still many remote villages where people have milk without pasteurization. Though we living in the cities have only pasteurized milk.

  3. My mom always keep telling me that we should try to become vegans for exactly the same reason, the cow's milk is meant for its kids and not humans, we are not meant to consume cow's milk'!!!

  4. It should be pasteurized to kill the bacteria. I do not drink milk buy my kid does and she can consume 1 liter every day!!!

  5. Thank you for reminding us about pasteurization. I really thought it is owkie to drink raw milk. Atleast now I know how important to pasteurize it first.

  6. Mother's milk is really the best perfect food for baby. Unfortunately the pressures of modern living had made it difficult for moms now to exclusively breastfeed their kids.

  7. Pasteurization is a simple process in which milk is heated to 161ยบ F for 15 seconds. This safe, well-tested process turns raw milk into the pasteurized milk that you can buy at the grocery store.