Friday, February 10, 2017

Travel: A Day Tour at Camaya Coast and Trying my New Generic Military Rucksacks

I wanted to try something new for this year so I bought a Backpack for the purpose of hiking. I'm enticed to try hiking because of stunning photos of mountain adventures I saw in my Facebook newsfeed. In other words, "naiinggit ako" hahaha.

As a preparation, I need to complete my checklist first. I need a bag suitable for hiking. As I look for a good hiking bag, I found this item with super-describe name from Lazada. It's called "Sport Outdoor Military Rucksacks Tactical Molle Backpack Camping Hiking Trekking Bag". That sounds a multi-purpose bag. I specifically choose the Digital Desert variant but I received a wrong plain Khaki color variant. Many times already Lazada messed up but nothing critical that will make my head explode. Anyway, I didn't waste my time to return it to Lazada because I like the color too :)

Assault Pack Tactical Military Backpack

Very good packaging Lazada

It was perfectly sealed aside to the bubble wrap.

Very Brand New, I can smell it

I found no issues upon inspection. It just great. I like it!
It's also a good timing that my cousin invited me to go with her at Camaya Coast for a day tour. It's a good opportunity to try out my new bag and of course, to relax for a while.

Camaya Coast Beach, Mariveles in Bataan Province, Philippines

So last February 04, 2017, we tour at Camaya Coast. We took the ferry ride from Esplanade Seaside Terminal (near SM Mall of Asia) to Camaya Coast for approximate of 2 hours of travel.

Beach Dancers welcoming our arrival

Upon your arrival to the Camaya Coast, you'll be welcomed by Beach Dancers as seen above. Feels like your a VIP :)

Route to Hotel
We didn't check-in to their Hotel because we're only staying for just a day. Here's what worth it per Adult:
- 499.00 pesos - (incl. access to infinity pool and beach, free use of beach huts, bench and rattan lounges)
- 249.00 pesos - 1x meal (3 pcs. lumpia rolls, 1 pc. chicken, 1 cup of rice, 1 scoop of pancit canton)
   Sorry if i missed taking photos of the food, I was so hungry during that time haha
   The food is delicious. It's like lutong Max's Fried Chicken.

Note: cost of day tour and overnight stay may vary, visit for electronic booking and quote.

There are several known establishments already in this resort like Giordano, BigChill, Figaro and a restaurant affiliated with Max's Chicken. I can say, the resort is in halfway developing. The electronic pass is not yet operational and some digital vending machines are not working too.

camaya coast beach
Overseeing Camaya Coast from top of the hill

Lifeguard vest is very accessible and they have visible Lifeguards on stand-by. You'll feel very safe while enjoying the beach.

Approaching the Sea Playground

The beach sand is very natural. The greenish clear seawater is very clean unlike other beaches in the Philippines where you may see some unknown articles floating in the water...

Camaya Infinity Pool with Kuya Photobomber

What I like most in the resort is their Infinity Pool. It's free of Chlorine.

At end of the day, this bag proves to be strong and is going to be my longtime partner.

At end of the day, this military rucksack wins

If you'd like to buy the similar backpack i used in this particular travel, buy it below:

For more information about Camaya, you may visit and book at the ff. link:


Roy Cortez
February 10, 2017

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  1. That Assault pack is not just for assaulting I guess, haha. I have always wanted to be going to places with just a backpack. I hope lazada will give more discount on this in the future.

  2. The backpack looks cool! Looks pretty strong that can takeup a bit of assault! I've been on a few backpacking trips and I know how helpful it is!

  3. The backpack looks compact and looks durable. Camaya Coast is really scenic.

  4. Wow. Camaya Coast is much more developed now compared to when I went there. Back then, there weren`t much to explore but the beach and the very abundant forest. I agree, the water in the beach was really clean though there were very small fishes that can tickle the legs.

    ❀ Grace ❀

  5. Looks like it might be able to endure my husband's commute! I've bought a couple of men's bags from Lazada for Christmas last year. The recipients were very pleased. :)

  6. That backpack of urs look pretty sturdy and I guess it is gonna accompany you now in many many trips to come! The infinity pool looks stunning and thanks for the cost break up!